We know blocked toilets!

Unwanted house guests? Don't go psycho! Try our handy tips to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

  1. Tip 1

    Ensure you have a ‘purple plunger’ in your house as they are excellent for unblocking toilets.  You can buy one from any plumbing or DIY shop.

  2. Tip 2

    If only one toilet is blocked and all other plumbing is functioning, please ensure you attend to this blockage within 24 hours, as it may cause other plumbing issues and can become costly to repair.

  3. Tip 3

    If other toilets and plumbing are blocked too, you will need to find the main connection point for your house.  It is normally found at the front of your house.  It is the exposed PVC pipe with a dome shaped cover.  Ensure the PVC riser is dry.  If it is dry, then the blockage is within your property. Please call us for further advice.

  4. If these tips don’t work:

Download a brochure full of handy tips.

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